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Whether you are in an existing relationship or are searching for someone new, this reading will give you great insight.


Frank Borga is a gifted intuitive reader. An intuitive reader serves as a channel to provide messages of guidance and healing to help you see beyond the limitations that you put forth on yourself to develop a new and better path. The purpose of an intuitive reader is to provide guidance to difficult situations. He is also gifted as a medical intuitive.

Frank Borga Psychic Reader
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Thank you Frank Borga, reading is right on… I wasn’t really expecting it to be so good for $11 … thank you again & look forward to another reading. Now I have to recommend you to my sister, she needs a spiritual reading.
Cruz A.

Frank, thank you so much for my amazing reading.  You were spot on with answers to my questions. I appreciate the angels and guides messages and guidance and signs.  You are wonderful and I am filled with love and white light after listening to my reading. 

Thank you so so much.

Alanna C.

Frank gave me a reading that was extremely moving. The content he saw as precisely in line with the challenges occurring in my life. He gave me inspiration and answers I desperately needed.

Thank you Frank.

Michael H.

I had a reading from Frank a few weeks ago and it was spot on.  I encourage others to have a reading.    

Thank you both for the positive outlook on life.  With so much negativity in our world these days  – you and Frank are a breath of fresh air.

God Bless you both .

I would highly recommend Frank to everyone. I could understand everything he said to me. He was spot on about my health, and my life purpose … and everything else he told me! I will get another reading soon x
~ Audio Email Client

Thank you for another amazing reading!!!
Sherry E.

Your message made a lot of sense. You have a gift and thank you for sharing it with the world! God Bless you !!!!
Joan V.

Thank you. Another spot on reading Frank.

Cheryl C.

Thank you Frank for your reading, it was very helpful and right on.

With light and love,

Izabella D.

Thank you very much for the reading and you have helped so much as it makes perfect sense to me. I look forward to working with you in the future. Again thank you very much.
~ George S.

I’ve had two 15 minute audio e-mail readings with Frank and they were both very accurate and informative.

The information that comes through is directly from the angels so it is very comforting and reassuring. He hits the nail on the head every time and never fails to amaze me.

I would highly recommend him to anyone and I will never use another person for a reading. He’s THAT good!

Sara L.

I loved my reading with Frank…he is like the best friend who can be trusted to give you honest answers you have been seeking, in the kindest way!
Juanita S.

I had a great reading with Frank Borga. He gave me wonderful guidance and was right on with the things he told me.

The information that he gave me is very useful and very important for my life. I can’t thank him enough.

Carol F.

I just finished listening to Frank’s reading twice and want to thank you and him so very much! The reading is helping me already; I’m amazed and will definitely refer him to my friends right away this evening. 

Frank is the real deal. Thank you, thank you! I’m a customer for life.

Sophia J.

Frank has given me several readings, each one of them were dead on!  His insight has been most helpful in the direction that I have taken.  I value and respect Frank’s psychic ability.
Mary M.

I would highly recommend Frank to any one,I could understand every thing he said to me and he was spot on about my health, and my life purpose and every thing else he told me I will get another reading soon x
Cathie J.

It was very insightful, he touched on areas that were relevant to me and my situation. He was able to pass on certain messages even though he didn’t know my situation. Will definitely call upon him again.

Wow! Thank you so much, Frank! You are truly gifted and I’m very thankful the angels guided me to you. Everything you said helps immensely. May God bless you always!
Doreen M.

Frank is excellent. I love to have my readings with him. He is very accurate with his peeps and guides.

Every time I am in doubt or little bit troubled, I ask his advice. It is simply brilliant. God bless him.

~ Anonymous

All I can say is WOW!

My one card reading was jam packed with information, inspiration and totally relevant to where I’m at now.

I have no hesitation recommending Frank and I will be back.

Thank you and God bless you.

Patrice H.

Got my email reading today! Thanks so much.

Freakin’ awesome reading.Unbelievable how accurate Frank is. His reading is a huge help and inspiration. He also backed up things I had already thought. Very interesting.

God Bless.

Sue M.

Thank you Frank. Several comments you made reflect my current situation. Most of my current illness is my middle ear and sleep problems. I have done much meditation in the past and have gotten away from it as I’ve been self absorbed with my current problems. Thanks for the direction. Also, you have confirmed we are looking in the right area for our retirement location. We are looking in the Southern States – somewhere woodsy. We currently live along the coast and are looking inland. Thanks for the input. Nice to hear the voice of a Jersey boy. I grew up there and we moved South about 12 years ago to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Northeast. God Bless.
Mary Ellen B.

My first reading with Frank – awesome reading. I can listen to my reading because it is a recording and just find peace knowing all is well.

I am very happy and recommend Frank to anyone looking for some insigh. Thank you Frank !

Laura C.

My reading definitely exceeded my expectations! It was very surreal how I felt spirit all around me while listening to my reading! I think you should give Frank a try—he is the real deal and will definitely surprise you if you’re any way skeptical!
~ True Believer

Thank you I will follow the advice and will schedule another session soon. You picked up on my energy drain that is a very large part of it. I am currently working on organizing and I know that I need to downsize because things are draining me. Namaste!
~ Nancy G.

Thank you for the amazing and very accurate reading. In my heart, I knew the things I needed to do to move forward and you gave me the confirmation I needed. This is the second very accurate reading i have received from you and I am very grateful!
~ Christine

Thank you, Frank! This was a beautiful, timely, and most helpful reading. I am VERY grateful to you for your gift and your insight!!
~ Carrie L.

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After you order your Love Reading, you will receive an automated email with a link to schedule your will session.

Frank will record the answers to the 5 Questions and the audio will be emailed to shortly after your scheduled time. If you do not receive an email with the link to your reading, please contact us. There have been occasions when the email was not delivered.