Karen Borga shares the
Four Steps in Manifesting Your Intentions


ASK the Angels for assistance and instead of taking on the project alone. Remembering to ask gives the Angels permission to start working with you the manifest your desires.

RELEASE is one of the hard steps. We like to control and make sure it is getting done. Without releasing the desire and detaching from it, we slow the Angels down delaying our own happiness.

BELIEVE is essential. Know your desire is coming to you and live your life feeling the joy of having it. Faith in your Angels is so important. You can always ask for signs for reassurance (like a feather).

RECEIVE is another hard step for many of us. Often we don’t feel we are deserving enough. Or we are expecting our desire to come from only one direction and are not open to receive it from another. When people offer you things, accept them with gratitude.

Finally, remember to say “Thank You” to your Angels when it arrives. Gratitude keeps us in a place of joy and love.