I Am Safe and Protected

Dear One,

In the midst of life’s uncertainties, it’s natural to seek solace and reassurance. Today, we, your Angels, come bearing a message of comfort and protection. Take a moment to say these words aloud: “I AM SAFE AND PROTECTED.” Feel the power in those words as they resonate within you. Know that we are here, watching over you with unwavering love and care.

In times of doubt or fear, it’s crucial to remind yourself of your inherent safety and the protection that surrounds you. Allow yourself to fully embrace the truth that you are not alone in this journey. With each utterance of these affirmations, let them serve as a beacon of light guiding you through the darkest of nights. May this knowledge envelop you in a warm embrace, bringing you the comfort and peace that you deserve.

Remember, dear reader, you are stronger than you know, and you are never truly alone. As you navigate the twists and turns of life, hold onto the certainty that we are here, standing guard, ready to offer our support whenever you need it. So, take a deep breath, trust in the power of these words, and let them guide you towards a place of serenity and tranquility. You are safe, you are protected, and you are loved.

With love and light,
Your Angels


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