Dandelion Miracle

When you invite Angels into your life, miracles happen every day. Just because you don’t see all the wonderful things they do for you, doesn’t stop mean the magic isn’t happening.

Years ago, I was working on a blog post. It was a wonderful story about a boy, his grandmother and a milkweed seed.

I searched for a photo I could use legally … and decided I could shoot a photo of a dandelion, and use that instead. Off I went to my neighbor’s yard, and plucked a beautiful seeded dandelion. I bought it home, to set it up to shoot.

I laid the dandelion on the grass in our yard. Then, I had a bit of troubles … every time I tried to focus the lens, the camera would blur. I tried several times. Frustrated, I was ready to get another camera. I took the camera away from my face, and right next to my dandelion … was the milkweed seed I really needed for my story.

It wasn’t there when I laid down the dandelion. It just miraculously appeared, making the original story even more special.

Thank you angels. You are awesome.

Karen Borga
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