Milkweed Seed Sign of Angels Presence

Submitted by Kim, Brick, New Jersey

I wanted to share with you my Angel Experience. It came through my 5 year old son.

It was shortly after my Mother had died. I missed her so much. How do you find time to grieve with a busy hectic life?

We were in a hurry, as always. Off to daycare and then work. I franticly him buckled into the backseat, and jumped into the driver’s seat to get going.

When I sat in the seat my son yelled, “Mommy you are sitting on an angel”. I jumped up, and underneath me was was a milkweed seed. He saw it fly into the car and land on my seat. My son knew it was an angel, and then … so did I.

My Mom was able to get me to notice she was still there with me … even when I am scurrying throughout my day. Now every time I see a milkweed seed I know it is a sign from my Mother. She is letting me know she is with me. They come in the craziest places. We were in the middle of winter in Maine… and one floated passed.

Milkweed seeds bring me so much comfort.